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  Here's the Christmas card's inside view.  See below for the annual summary!

Another year is in the books.

Here’s what happened:


Senior in college at Colorado College, and almost 21!  How did that happen so fast!  Very busy girl again this year.  Summer job at Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region.  Selected for Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Rising Professionals College Fellowship program.  Appointed an Admissions Fellow at CC.  Still  teaching dance to itty-bitty’s, all while keeping up with rehearsals and performances and classes and homework and college life.  Lots of travel:  a month in Taipei (see the inset picture), Stanford trip with Lissy, visiting friends in Oklahoma and California.  Keep in touch:


Almost 18, and almost as tall as Don!  Senior at Peak to Peak High School (see the inset picture).  Scored 30 on the ACT!  Taking 3 AP courses - Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry.  Applying to Colorado College, University of Colorado, University of Denver, and Colorado School of Mines.  Already accepted to Mines!!  Worked for Don this summer (and took good care of his poor broken father during Don’s Hip Surgery #2), but also started a Warhammer figure assembling and painting business that’s still booming during the school year!.  Keep in touch:  


Still kickin’!  Hip that was replaced in 2007 got replaced again this year.  If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing again, I guess.  All is well, though!  Business is going well – still growing briskly.  Got back in touch with a few old friends. Took a fun visit to the top of Trail Ridge Road with Susan (see the inset picture). Lots more time at Miramonte with the kids this summer (the background image above is of Miramonte in the spring of 2010  - did you spot the Christmas tree?). Experienced many of the joys of home ownership:  new septic system and new well at Miramonte; bee infestation and a new roof at home.   As Joe Walsh said, "I can't complain but sometimes I still do!"  Keep in touch: